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Altar of the Cross: from South Philly to the Seminary Catholic Fiction

Altar of the Cross: from South Philly to the Seminary Catholic Fiction


What he wanted was to be a priest. But would the calling be strong enough, so that even through tremendous adversity; his broken family, his time in Vietnam, and the pull of the South Philly mob, it would prevail?


2021 CMA Inspirational Fiction Award Winner, Cece Whittaker offers this novel of humor, intrigue, and spiritual triumph.

Sample Read:
"Left-what? Left-handed? Well, you never told me that! What do you mean, being left-handed! They don't allow that in Catholic school!"
Nunzio was amazed that the man who was imposing upon him to go and kill someone should at that moment bring up the stringencies of Catholic schools. He said nothing, but continued to stare at Fat Eddie, expecting him to angrily jerk the car around and speed off back home for an alternate plan.
Instead, Fat Eddie grabbed the gun, stuck it in his belt, pulled his shirt out over it and exited the car. In seconds, he was at the entrance to the garage before Nunzio could even exit the car. The pumps at the station were deserted, but inside the garage, the repetitive sound of hammering could be heard of one trying to release a seized-up set of brakes. The hammering continued as Eddie entered the building from the side door. In the dark, Nunzio could not see when Eddie entered the garage. Maybe, he thought desperately as he opened the door to get out, that idiot will just threaten the man, let him know he means business. Inside, the hammering continued with growing ferocity as the hammer wielder grew frustrated with the task. Then, one particularly sharp hammer sounded, and anyone nearby would have felt relief for the fellow who must have finally released the brakes, since after that, there was no more hammering. But they would have been deceived."

Book One in the Cross Series

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