Glorious Christmas (Book 7 in Serve Series) Catholic Fiction

Glorious Christmas (Book 7 in Serve Series) Catholic Fiction


In 1945, with Christmas just around the corner, an escaped Nazi was the last thing they expected. Yet Joan, Annie, Helen, and Bernice become engaged in the possibilities of who and where, but without the practiced logic of true detectives, which has been known to lead to embarrassing situations. And when Father Bertrand requires the assistance of a former soldier to help in locating an MIA in Italy, the girls worry that at that very unfortunate time of the year he might ask their true love. Will Father’s selected liaison find the missing soldier? And does Abbottsville’s newly formed Information Security unit locate the dangerous criminal? A cross between It's a Wonderful Life and Little Women, enjoy this humorous and Catholic adventure-romance set at Christmas time in 1945 New Jersey.


    Book 7 in the Serve Series

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