Joyful Hearts (Book 8 in the Serve Series) Catholic Fiction

Joyful Hearts (Book 8 in the Serve Series) Catholic Fiction


When a tornado hits an unsuspecting town in 1946, people's amazing qualities rise to the surface. But some tragedies look insurmountable, leaving only wreckage & despair. If War has taught Annie, Joan, Helen, and Bernice anything, it’s that there’s always a chance that things will work out, especially if they stay hopeful and pull together. But in 1946, funds are scarce, and tempers flare. With a baby on the way, keeping pace with her friends is not as easy for Annie, especially with a new husband who might be just a little too protective. Does Joan go overboard with her generosity to those in need, and will it ruin everything between her and fiancé Dick Thimble? And what dangerous and risky situation confronts Bernice when Gloria returns with a vengeance?

Relish the answers and a lot more in Joyful Hearts, the 8th book in the Serve Series, a humorous, inspirational, and hugely entertaining feel-good story.


    Book 8 in the Serve Series

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