Love, Honor & the Cake (Book 5 in Serve Series) Catholic Fiction

Love, Honor & the Cake (Book 5 in Serve Series) Catholic Fiction


By 1945, Annie diRosa was finally set to realize the future she had longed for; blissful union with heroic and handsome Captain Sly Bapini. While she and her three friends, Joan, Bernice, and Helen would always remain close, she chooses to symbolize their friendship in their shared creation of her wedding cake. To add to the happy occasion, Bernice organizes a choir out of the close friends (which she secretly hopes will provide music at the wedding) even while studying hard to pass her nursing exam. Helen’s husband Harry is on a two-day journey to deliver some cargo, but two days have come and gone while Helen attempts to take it in stride. Joan happily goes to work when scheduled, saving for her own future, and sharing many happy times with her fiancé, Dick Thimble.

All goes well, until an unexpected secret mission to rescue Harry summons Annie’s handsome fiancé once again into harm’s way. Sly’s return is mysteriously delayed, and Annie, who knows nothing about the mission, begins to doubt their future together.

At home, trouble brews as well. When Joan’s fiancé Dick takes pains to reveal a dangerous structure at the grocery where he works, his friend and boss Bob and he are buried inside when it suddenly collapses.

Will Dick and Bob survive amidst the gnarled wreckage and debris? Will Sly make it home in time to attend his own wedding? If Harry makes it home in one piece, will he survive Helen’s response?


    This is Book 5 in the Serve Series.

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