Making the Grade (Book 10 in the Serve Series)

Making the Grade (Book 10 in the Serve Series)


Joan Foster is hopelessly in love, and after three patient years of waiting, her wedding is gloriously within sight. There will be pink and white roses, bluebells, carnations, all the beautiful flora she’s imagined for so long. Her dearest friends, Annie, Helen, Bernice, and Laureen make her beautiful veil, and make plans for a magnificent reception. But tragedy strikes when Bernice is suddenly stricken and hospitalized, Helen and Annie’s husbands, Harry and Sly, disappear overseas, and Laureen’s new baby falls perilously ill. With things already on a collision course, when her fiancé Dick comes up with a very practical suggestion, it is all too much for Joan. After all this time, is it curtains for Joan and Dick?


    Book 10 in the Serve Series

    Also available in Paperback.