Indivisible Hearts

Indivisible Hearts


In 1944, while waiting for the imminent arrival of her war weary fiancé Dick Thimble, Joan Foster is stricken to discover that he may not have survived. Learning nothing further, and with no recourse but to wait and pray, Joan and her friend, Annie, are distracted by the mysterious reappearance of previously pilfered Sacred artifacts. But when a blistering encounter with Gloria, Joan’s seemingly ever-present challenger for Dick’s affections, is followed by an explosion inside Annie’s shop, Joan and friends see life’s fragility. Just as it appears that the holidays will be one long lonely affair, good news causes a turnabout and a dazzlingly Joyful Christmas Celebration.

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    Copyright 2017, Cece Whittaker, Easton One Productions

    In US English, 284 pages.


    Also available in Paperback.